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Caesar Style Salad GFO
Mixed greens | Grated Asiago, Romano & Parmesan | Fried capers | Garlic crostini | House Caesar vinaigrette
Large Small Add 2 strips bacon

Asian Seared Ahi Salad GFO
Black pepper & garlic-seared Ahi | Cucumber Sunomono | Vermicelli | Shredded carrots | Ginger | Naan Spear

Everything Chicken Salad GFO
Crusted chicken breast | Spinach mix | Tomato | Feta | Wasabi Ranch | Crispy Naan Spear


Grilled Citrus Sockeye with Sundried Tomato & Cream Gnocchi (4pm)
8 oz local wild Sockeye | Green onion | Fresh tomato | Garlic focaccia toast

Fish ‘n’ Chips
Beer-battered local waters Rockfish | Roy’s slaw | House tartar | House-cut fries 1 pieces or 2 piece

Suggested pairing: Phillips Blue Buck

BBQ Smokehouse Ribs (4pm)
Hand-rubbed & house-smoked “fall off the bone” back ribs in our Signature House BBQ sauce | Potatoes of the moment or Roy’s fries | House slaw. Half Rack or Full Rack
Suggested Pairing: Sterling Vintners Merlot, CA, Btl

AAA New York Striploin GF (4pm)
House-carved, minimum 7 oz | Potatoes & veg of the moment | Fennel slaw
Suggested Pairing: Castillo de Monseran Granacha, Spain, Btl

Put This On It!
With Purchase of Entrees, Burger, Sandwich or Salad

Albacore Tuna
Chicken Breast
3 Wild Prawns
Shaved AAA Beef
1 piece Cod
Fried Egg
Sockeye Salmon
2 strips Bacon

Gluten-free crust - Medium or Large
8 inch - 10 inch - 12 inch

Royston Regal
Ham | Pepperoni | Mozza | Mushrooms | Onions | Bell peppers Fresh tomato

Popeye V
Feta | Mozza | Spinach | Tomato | Red onion | Mushrooms

Meat Lovers
Spicy beef | Pepperoni | Bacon | Ham | Mozza

Bacon Double Cheeseburger
Spicy beef | Ham | Bacon | Mozza | Cheddar | Onions

Spicy Squealer
Chorizo | Mozza | Caramelized onions | Jalapenos l Pineapple | House BBQ sauce

Chorizo | Mozza | Goat cheese | Sundried tomatoes | Onions | Artichokes | Roasted garlic | Olive tapenade

The “Fun-Guy” V
Mozza | Goat cheese | Roasted mushrooms | Caramelized onions | Garlic aioli | Truffle-dressed arugula

Ham | Bacon | Mozza | Pineapple

Vegetarian V
Mozza | Feta | Romesco | Roasted mushrooms | Olive tapenade | Arugula | Caramelized onions

Pizza Additions per Add-On
Meat,Cheese or Veggies


Roy's Calamari
Strips of lightly breaded & seasoned calamari | Pickled ginger | Pickled onion | Tzatziki

Sea Salt Edamame GF V

Warm Crab, Cheddar & Artichoke Dip
House dip made with West Coast crab | Naan spears

Togarashi-Crusted Torched Tuna GF
Chunked & torched albacore | Pickled ginger | Wasabi | Citrus Miso

Suggested Pairing: Jackson Triggs Sauvignon Blanc

Roy’s Fish Tacos GFO
3 Abuelos corn tortillas packed with beer-battered West Coast Rockfish, shredded cabbage, spicy aioli & pickled onion. Salsa & sour cream on the side Guacamole

Cheesy Naan
Toasted Naan | Cheddar & Mozza | Raita

Curried Veggie Pakora GF V
House fritter made with edamame, peas, cumin seeds, potato & chillies | Raita

BBQ SMOKEHOUSE WINGS Signature House BBQ sauce with Veggie sticks

ORIGINAL PUB WINGS | Veggie sticks
Kitchen Sink | Blue Moon | Sweet Chili | Franks Hot | S&P | BBQ | Sweet ’n Sassy | Honey Garlic | Honey Garlic Cajun

House-cut fries | Cheese curds | Mozza | House gravy. Sub sweet potato fries. Best with Shaved beef, chorizo or spicy beef

Fried Chicken & Fries
Marinated & breaded boneless chicken thighs | Roy’s fries | Honey mustard, plum sauce or ranch dip

Suggested Pairing: Bacon Caesar

Deep-Fried Pickles V
Ranch Dip

House-Made Daily Soup
Garlic Focaccia Large or Small

Clam Chowder V
Clams | Bacon | Potatoes | Creamy fish velouté | Garlic toast Large or Small

Burgers & Sandwiches
With Roy’s Fries, Daily Soup or House Greens

Roy’s Towne Burger GFO
1/3 lb ground chuck | Cheddar | Bacon | Sautéed mushrooms | Lettuce | Tomato | Onion | Pickle | Garlic aioli | Toasted Portofino Peasant bun

Suggested Pairing: Roy’s Towne Lager

Ham it Up Burger GFO GFO
1/3 lb ground chuck | Ham | Swiss cheese | Lettuce | Tomato | Onion | Pickle | Garlic Aioli | Toasted Portofino Peasant bun

Chargrilled Portobello Burger V GFO
Marinated whole Portobello | Goat cheese | Lettuce | Tomato | Onion | Pickle | Balsamic reduction | Toasted Portofino Peasant bun

Suggested Pairing: Jackson Triggs Pinot Grigio

Beef Dip GFO
Thinly-shaved house roasted AAA beef | Swiss cheese | Garlic Aioli | Toasted Portuguese bun | Au jus
Sautéed mushrooms Add 2 Strips Bacon

BBQ Beef Sandwich GFO
Thinly-shaved house roasted AAA beef | Caramelized onions | Arugula | Signature House BBQ sauce | Garlic aioli | Toasted Portuguese bun. Cheddar

Chicken Club GFO
Chicken breast | Bacon | Cheddar | Lettuce | Tomato | Onion | Pickle | Basil aioli | Toasted Portofino Peasant bun

Suggested Pairing: Okanagan Springs 1516

Veggie Naanwich V
Goat Cheese | Tomatoes | Cucumber | Carmelized onions | Mixed greens | Cilantro | Balsamic Reduction in a Naan wrap

Grilled Sockeye Burger GFO
Wild local Sockeye | Lettuce | Tomato | Pickled onion | Basil aioli | Toasted Portuguese bun

Suggested Pairing: White Bear Riesling, VQA, BC Btl

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Deep-fried chicken breast | Lettuce | Tomato | Onion | Basil aioli |Sriracha | Toasted Portofino Peasant bun

West Coast Rockfish Burger GFO
Beer-battered local waters Rockfish | Roy’s slaw | House tartar | Onion | Toasted Portuguese bun

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