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In 1890, William Roy and his family collaborated with real estate promoter Frederick Warren to lay out a town site that they named Royston.

In the early 1900s, Royston was the main location for log-booming operations for the logging industry in the Comox Valley. Logs were shipped to Royston by rail, boomed in the harbour, and then towed across Georgia Strait to the lumber mills on the B.C. Mainland. For a time the port was also used for transportation of coal mined in Cumberland.

Royston is known as the home of the "Royston Wrecks". The sunken hulks of old decommissioned warships, sailing ships, tug boats and freighters were used as a breakwater to protect logging booms.

In 2014, this pub was named in honor of the Roy family & its British heritage. Many of our menu items proudly bear names that tie us to the Royston area and history, of which we are very proud to be a part.

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